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Upcoming Momentus Nextperiences

Sam Smith holding two knitting needles

Knit-Witting with Samantha Smith

Have you ever wanted to learn knitting? Are you a proficient knitter already? This Momentus nextperience with Samantha Smith (Supernatural, Transformers, Friends) will have you hooked...

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Totes Ma Goats :: March 2023

Welcome to the MANE EVENT! Join a VERY SPECIAL GUEST, Kim Rhodes, for a magical adventure through an incredible animal sanctuary with wonderful feathered, fuzzy, and furry friends.

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The Fandalorian with Emily Swallow :: April 2023

Ready for a nextperience in a galaxy far, far away? Well, this is The Way... Join the Armorer herself, Emily Swallow, for this fun fan-exclusive event with a never-before-seen Nextperience and celebrate the season finale this April.

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Our Flag Means Chef with Samba Schutte :: May 2023

You won't have to pay an arm and a peg leg for this Nextperience with Samba Schutte! Maybe a finger or a toe... Join a wonderful actor from the cast of Our Flag Means Death for a fun class with a great cause. Booty wait, there's more! Exclusive treasures await ye for those you join early! Details coming soon...

The Secret Chord :: Spring 2023

Ever wanted to learn to write music from a Rock God? Your time has come. Work side-by-side with an incredible musician to write a song from start to finish.