Collection: Crash Course Tarot with Jin Maley

Join Jin Maley (Star Trek: Picard, As We See It, NCIS: Los Angeles) for a voyage into the world of tarot reading with a 3-part virtual class series that will help you deepen your relationship with this methodology dating back to the mid-15th century. With years of experience, Jin has used tarot to discover inner wisdom and clarity through this practice and support others with private, professional readings.

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:: Class Descriptions ::

Class 1: Tarot 101 - February 10 @ 10am PT/1pm ET
Have you ever wondered what tarot was all about? Are you already working with tarot cards but want to deepen your understanding and relationship with your deck? Join Jin for a class on tarot basics that can help you unlock what your tarot deck holds and trust your intuition.

Class 2: Tarot Technology - February 17 @ 10am PT/1pm ET
Would you like to be more familiar with your deck? What are some simple tarot spreads you can use right away? Tarot practice requires trust and knowledge of your deck. Jin will not only help ground your understanding in the deck but build your observational skills, too. 

Class 3: Tarot in Practice - February 24  @ 10am PT/1pm ET
With the basics under your belt, this hands-on workshop will have you working with your tarot deck in the class. Get to know your deck by using it! Jin will work with students in real-time to attune and develop their intuition. PLUS! Jin will be doing live readings! 

These exclusive events are private and virtual.

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